Investments in the development of the " innoflow³ " Technology is projected to generate good return on Investment in extremely short time frame. Due to the fact that or Technology can be used immediately with little or no development cost needed, also the natural efficiencies will translate to immediate savings for the investor.The " innoflow³ " Technology Partnership is prepared to discuss with prospective investors any reasonable project capitalization scenario.....


We provide 4 basic ways in which this product could be co-Developed:

1. Sale of all patents and all rights worldwide arising out of these Patents, in all areas of operation and production. To the Highest Bidder

2. Licensing fees awarded by the supplier, to potential Investors/Customers for specified Fields of applications.

3. the "innoflow³" Technology Consultant- We help management and help development your project, up to the deployment and commercialization of the invention, (Consultants Fees would very depending on your Project needs.

4. Distributor: We manufacture the products, which in turn would be inspected and sold by the Distribution/Partner.