Invention of an innovative “Fluidenergiemaschine” ( fluid energy machine)

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take the opportunity to present my invention – a new, innovative fluid energy machine, the “ innoflow³ ”.

Please, find enclosed all features. You will notice that there are various fields of applications.If you are interested in my invention I would very much appreciate it, if you would give me the opportunity to explain it in detail and to stress the advantages of this innovative machine in person.

Respectfully yours,

Dirk Vinson

Basic Background information:

Since the beginning of industrial revolution and the steam engine, many inventors have been struggling to improve the piston motor and, in response to market demands, find a way of using rotation instead of the back-and-forth movement of the piston. The innoflow³ Technology develops further the ideas of Reuleaux, Carnot, Campbell and other great inventors of the past.

The " innoflow³ " Technology offers a solution to the centuries-old problem of power generation by efficient, compact and dependable mechanisms. It is no longer a hypothesis but a working technology on the verge of being developed into a wide variety of new machines.

The " innoflow³ " Technologies underlying strategy is to develop the " innoflow³ "Technology into marketable know-how for specific applications, and to market the know-how and licenses to manufacture the innoflow³ machines to multiple industrial companies serving specific segments of various user markets.

In order to bring The " innoflow³ "Technology to the market as quickly as possible, we will initially focuses on its applications as volume-displacing pumps for middle and high pressure ranges. Global sales in markets where The" innoflow³ "Technology could be successfully applied as various types of pumps exceeded US$ 450 billion in 2002, and ist estimated to exceed US$ 750 billion in 2008

Description of The " innoflow³ "³ Technology
By utilizing several entirely new principles of piston motion and power transfer, The " innoflow³´s" form a new class of machines for generation and transformation of power.

In comparison with existing technologies, e.g., conventional machines with the pistons moving back-and-forth, The " innoflow³ " Technology offers the following advantages:

» 3-5 times smaller size with equal power output
» greater efficiency
» 2-3 times lighter weight
» cleaner exhaust when used as an engine
» fewer components translating into higher dependability
» more cost-effective manufacturing

The " innoflow³ " is a new class of machines. for the transformation of stored chemical energy (through combustion) or physical energy (through pressure) into rotation (engines) or, vice versa, of rotation into pressure (pumps and compressors). The " innoflow³ " is a new basic technology, i.e. a technology which will become the basis of multiple new technologies in wide range of applications in various fields. The " innoflow³ " machine utilizes entirely new principles of piston motion and transfer of power. Numerous favorable scientific reviews of the " innoflow³ " Technology and several Prototypes, working functional models of machines based on those new principles leave no doubt whatsoever in their scientific validity. In short, the " innoflow³ " Technology is no longer a hypothesis but a working technology ready to be developed into various new machines and introduced to user markets.

In comparison with conventional machines, e.g., those where the pistons are moving back-and-forth, the
" innoflow³ " machines offer substantial advantages: the " innoflow³ " will be up to 5 times smaller in size and weight, than conventional machines, of similar power. At the same time It will have higher efficiency (lower energy consumption) and a longer life. The " innoflow³ " will also have fewer components than conventional machines and, therefore, will be more reliable and significantly cheaper, and easier to manufacture.


The world market for possible applications of the " innoflow³ " Technology as various types of pumps is estimated to have exceeded $450 billion in 2002. We have established good contacts and close working relationships with both development companies and potential manufacturers. The markets for the " innoflow³ " Technology and the strategic plan for entering the markets have been well defined.

Currently, we are not looking for customers, rather we seek intelligent partners and investors who would help to ensure our joint success in entering the
pump/turbine market, and with future plans, to enter other markets suited for the
" innoflow³ " Technology as well.

If you are interested in the " innoflow³ " Project as an investor or a financial broker, please contact me. I will be delighted to convince you of the attractiveness and benefits of using the " innoflow³ " Technology for your project.

Best Regards!

Dirk Vinson