Currently, we are not looking for customers, rather we seek intelligent partners and investors who would help to ensure our joint success in entering the pump/turbine market, and with future plans, to enter other markets suited for the " innoflow³ " Technology as well.

The world market for possible applications of the " innoflow³ " Technology as various types of pumps is estimated to have exceeded $450 billion in 2002, and $750 billion in 2008. We have established good contacts and close working relationships with both development companies and potential manufacturers. The markets for the "innoflow³" Technology and the strategic plan for entering the markets have been well defined.

We the vendor provide 4 basic ways in which this product could be co-Developed:

1. Sale of all patents and all rights worldwide arising out of these Patents, in all areas of operation and production. To the Highest Bidder

2. Licensing fees awarded by the supplier, to potential Investors/Customers for specified Fields of applications.

3. the " innoflow³ " Technology Consultant- We help manage and help develop your project, up to the deployment and commercialization of the invention, (Consultants Fees would very depending on your Project needs.

4. Distributor: We manufacture the products, which in turn would be inspected and sold by the Distribution/Partner.

If you are interested in the " innoflow³ " Project as an investor or a financial broker, please contact me. I will be delighted to convince you of the attractiveness and benefits of using the " innoflow³ " Technology for your project.

Best Regards!

Dirk Vinsion